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Before Spray Tanning - Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I prepare for my spray tan session?


The Day Before Your Appointment

  1. Exfoliate your entire body the day before your treatment to removed dead skin that may cause uneven tanning. Pay extra attention to your elbows, knees & feet. The smoother your skin, the better your tan will look and the longer it will last. Please exfoliate at least 8 hours before your session - DO NOT use any oil based scrubs as this will interfere with the sunless application & development. We highly recommend using our Stripped Tanning™ Exfolitation glove with our Stripped Clean™ Body Wash to get the best results.

  2. Shave or wax atleast 24-48 hours before your tan. Shaving or waxing too close to your session can result in the "spotty" large pore look.

  3. Make sure you do all of your nail, waxing, facial and body treatments atleast one day before your spray tan session.

  4. Avoid any lotions, perfume, deodorant and makeup that may act as a barrier to prevent even application of your tan. Avoid all liquids/lotions until after you shower from your spray tan.


The Day of Your Appointment

  1. You can wear undergarments, a swim suit or nothing. Whatever you're most comfortable with. If you choose to wear undergarments or a swim suit, please be aware that during the professional application process, the solution may cause permanent staining of the material. For your convenience, we also offer disposable underwear.

  2. Wear darker clothes, so that no staining occurs after your tan.


After Your Tan

  1. No showering or any activities that make you sweat! The longer you wait to shower the better!

  2. Overexposure to highly chlorinated water, such as swimming pools or hot tubs, is not recommended even after your tan has developed as this decreases the life of your spray tan.

  3. Do not exfoliate after your session or use abrasive cleaners in between sessions and up to 5-6 days following the session.

  4. Moisturize daily! - Ask us about our Stripped Tanning™ Tan Extending products!

  5. Everyone's skin chemistry is different - your tan lasts as long as the top layer of skin does.


2. What is DHA?

DHA is the main tanning ingredient used in all of Stripped Tanning's™ airbrush tanning solutions. DHA is dihydroxyacetone, a carbohydrate (monosaccharide sugar) compound approved by the FDA for use in externally applied sunless tanning solutions. DHA is usually derived from a vegetable source like beets or sugar cane. Its properties as a skin darkener were discovered in the 1920′s but weren’t marketed as such until the 1960′s when Coppertone® introduced Quick Tan®. It was added to the FDA’s list of approved cosmetic ingredients in the 1970′s.


Note: DHA has only been approved for external use by the FDA. The FDA recommends wearing protective eyewear, nose plugs, lip balm and undergarments during your spray tanning session to eliminate inhalation or ingestion. Wearing these during your spray tan session is not mandatory, and is up to your discretion.


3. How long will my Stripped Tan™ last?

On average, your Stripped Tan will last anywhere from 5-12 days. After care, physical activity, skin chemistry & proper preparation for your tan are all factors in how long it will last. You will be given after care instructions at the end of your session.


4. What if I have very fair skin?

Our formula reacts naturally with each individual skin tone. Our airbrush artists custom blend a formualtion that is specific to your skin tone. However, if you have a very light skin tone or it is your first time tanning - we suggest choosing a lighter tone and working your way up. Very light skin tone may require a follow up spray tan 12-24 hours later. 


5. Can I tan during Pregnanacy or if I'm Breastfeeding?

Our solution is 100% organic & vegan and it is safe to tan if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we still suggest consulting with your doctor before booking a session. A doctor's note is required if you're pregnant.


6. How does the mobile airbrush tanning work?

Once you book your Mobile Airbrush Tan, a certified spray tan technician will arrive with a self-contained pop-up tent and exhaust fan, which will keep any overspray from getting onto floors, furniture or walls. The technician will bring everything they need to ensure a flawless application from head-to-toe, in the comfort of your home, office, gym or salon. At the time of session, your Stripped Tanning™ Artist will conduct a mini consultation and customize the color and application technique based on your skin tone, need for the tan and results you want to achieve. After the session, your Stripped Tanning™ Artist will give you tips on how to maintain your tan and prolong its life.


7. Will the spray tan transfer onto my clothes, bed sheets etc.?

The bronzer in our products will rinse off of your skin after your first post-tan shower and your flawless tan will be revealed. There is a chance that immediately following your session it can rub off onto clothing, sheets etc. The cosmetic bronzer is water soluble and should not stain most fabrics. We suggest wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing after your session and refrain from anything physical activity that will cause you to sweat. Avoid wearing new swim suits, white or silk after your tan. Also, if you plan on driving after your session - bring a towel to sit on as the heat from leather seats (in summer months) can make you sweat your tan off.


8. What if I have eczema?

We don't recommend getting sprayed if you have eczema. However, if you only have a few patches, your Stripped Tanning™ Artist can put barrier cream on the affected areas. Please be aware that the DHA reacts with dead skin cells and the results of eczema are dead skin cells - so it may result in excess darkening in the affected areas. It is best to wait until there are little no symptoms of eczema on the skin before getting a spray tan.


8. How long does the session last?

If you are a new client, expect your session to take approximately from 20-30 minutes - this allows time for your initial consulation, spray tan application and post-tan tips/questions. If you are an existing client, expect your session to take approximately 10-15 minutes.


9. What do I wear while I'm getting sprayed?

This is completely up to you and depends on your level of comfort. You can go completely nude, stay in underwear or a swimsuit (only dark colors highly recommeded) Stripped Tanning™ provides disposable under garments if you choose. Please keep in mind that if you do choose to wear something you will have tan lines. We do require our male clients to have some coverage.


9. Can I swim in a pool and/or ocean after I get my tan?

Yes you can, however try to stay away from chlorine as this will fade your tan quickly.


10. I want to be tan for my wedding. When should I have my tan done?

We recommend getting your tan done atleast 2 days before your big day. Also, we suggest having a trial tan done so that we can customize your perfect color.

11. I need an appointment after hours? What can I do?

Stripped Tanning understands busy schedules - we can be available after hours with advanced notice. A after hours fee applies in the amount of $40+ depending on time and day. 


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